Legal & Tax Advisory

Our purpose: to provide innovative and individualised solutions, putting ourselves in our customers' perspective.

Legal and tax services required by Companies, their owners, directors and managers, for the adequate protection of their rights and the optimisation of their results.

With proven professionalism and experience in providing personalised advice to Companies with very different profiles and in all types of situations.


1. Company & Business Law

Legal counselling both on compliance with current corporate law and on legal assistance on any commercial issues that may arise in the course of the Company's development.

Secretary of the Board. Legal Adviser
Supervision and control. Legal compliance
Advice on legal, commercial and civil matters of interest to the Company or its shareholders
Counselling in the preparation, drafting and, eventually, negotiation of commercial and civil contracts typical of the Company's activity
Drafting of detailed legal reports on specific issues in commercial and civil matters
Counselling prior to any litigation to be brought or brought against the Company
Design, elaboration and implementation of Family Protocols
Advice on intellectual property and new technologies
Counselling and assistance in corporate matters
2. Tax

Based both on day-to-day relations and on the establishment of regular meetings as often as deemed appropriate at any given time, to discuss and analyse decisions that may affect the tax policy and planning of companies.

We strive to obtain the best results, always respecting the regulations in force at all times.

Permanent or specific advice on national or international taxation to Spanish and foreign Companies, multinationals and individuals
Tax planning in mergers and acquisitions, assistance in due diligence processes, project finance negotiations and contracts, etc.
Definition of tax strategy and planning for Companies and their owners
Advising on the accreditation of deductions for I+D+i, patent box and other tax benefits
Annual tax closures and preparation, where appropriate, of the corresponding tax declarations
Advising on management, collection, sanctioning and tax inspection procedures
Assistance in Court Contentious-Administrative matters
Analysis and resolution of tax queries and preparation of reports on specific issues
In international taxation:
- Definition of the special regime for expatriates
- Determination of transfer pricing
- Coordination of tax advisors in each country
3. Bankruptcy

At NORGESTION we provide a comprehensive service as lawyers for the bankrupt Company, helping to define the strategy to be followed, undertaking the necessary actions and their processing at all levels, including the qualification piece that may affect the Company's directors.

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to define and execute, where possible, business plans to be included in creditors' agreements, which may include the sale of assets or branches of business, or participation in corporate operations. In the event of liquidation, it allows us to seek formulas for the survival of the business.

Refinancing and restructuring of Companies in pre-bankruptcy proceedings. Application for pre-bankruptcy proceedings, if necessary
Drafting of the application for bankruptcy proceedings and monitoring of the entire procedure
Intervention in the agreement phase to achieve the Creditor's Agreement
Defence of the interests of the bankrupt Company in incidents relating to the classification of credits, reintegration actions and others that may arise
Intervention in the liquidation and qualification phase in defence of the Company's directors
Representation in operations for the acquisition of assets or branches of activity in Creditor's Agreement or liquidation phase
4. International

At NORGESTION we have the experience and resources to accompany entrepreneurs in their international "venture".

Our approach is eminently practical, based on experience and seeking efficient solutions within complex contexts due to the impact of different legislations and business cultures.

Comprehensive services that cover all the legal, tax and economic advice needs inherent in the process of investing abroad.
Legal-tax advice in the process of acquiring or selling businesses abroad
Legal-tax support in negotiations of all kinds with foreign Companies
International tax planning
Supervision of the tax implications of the daily operations of subsidiaries abroad
Supervision and coordination of tax inspections abroad
Personnel expatriation planning
Coordination of litigation abroad
5. M&A

As legal and tax advisors, we are involved in contractual negotiations, tax planning and in the acts involved in the acquisition or sale procedure of a company or business.

Drafting of letters of confidentiality and letters of intent, due diligence, drafts and final texts of contracts, whether purchase and sale, financing, etc. Supervision and control of the deeds to be notarised, which may in some cases be complemented by structural or corporate modifications.

Thanks to our clients and our experience we occupy, year after year, privileged places in the League Table published by specialised media, which reflect those operations, of a public nature, that we have advised.

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