Advisory & Interim Management 

Thanks to a qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team, we offer our services, specifically aimed at the front line of Companies.

We guarantee an effective and immediate respond to unexpected events that affect our clients’ day-to-day operations.

NORGESTION is a leading provider of a wide range of tailor-made services for Companies that are under special situations whether due to excessive growth or underperformance. Our scope covers a wide range of sectors and different problems, with experience in all types of businesses: from family groups and SMEs to large companies and multinationals, including private equity and financial institutions.

By assembling an ad hoc and experienced team of professionals, NORGESTION approaches these situations assuming the control of the Company and implementing a structured methodology. Each project is unique and irreplicable, and our actions are adapted to the characteristics and needs of each case. More than 1000 firms have trusted us

International approach

Solutions in the five continents

Operating 37 countries, global talent pool of 38,000 managers

"The business world is becoming increasingly globalized, with many Companies undergoing major change and transformation. WIL Group addresses complex business challenges by offering seamless, multi-country Interim and Transitional Management solutions for Companies around the world. We successfully achieve this by using a unique "international multi-sourcing" model that leverages the assets of each country member firm."

Being able to meet our clients’ requirements not only in Spain but also overseas, is our commitment. With this aim in mind, we established WIL Group (the Worldwide Interim Leadership Group), the largest global alliance of professional services firms specializing in Interim Management.

WIL Group is composed of international companies associated in positions of leadership in each of the countries in which they are established, in Europe, America and Asia..

WIL Group is the result of many years of collaboration between the different people within the organization and of a joint vision of the commitments that a prestigious firm must assume in the specialized professional services scope.

With broad experience in cross-border deals, our partners count on a wide knowledge in different industries. Furthermore, the network professionals operate in a very integrated manner overcoming the distance with a very collaborative approach, exchanging information, creating sector teams, putting forward transnational opportunities, etc.

NORGESTION undertakes that the mandates are carried out in the terms agreed with the client, always leading the process, supervising and supporting, where appropriate, the work of the Interim or Transition Manager assigned to the mandate.


Thanks to our different skills and profiles we are capable of assigning the right mix of professionals according to the specific client demands.

1. Management Advisory
Business plan & business review
Plans and strategic analysis
Viability plan
Business Growth plan
Operations review and improvement
Margin increase and efficiency improvement
New business structuring and financial structure
2. Boards of Directors - Management Committees
Members or independent advisors
Promotion/monitoring of the strategic plan
Support to the General Management
Professionalization of the Management Team
Business Management follow-up
Succession in family businesses. Generational coaching
Board Secretariat & legal advice
Independence Business Review (IBR)
Refinancing structures
Debt Restructure
Institutional debt advisory
Business plan monitorization
Treasury Control
Distressed M&A
Temporary Management - Interim Management
Management and administration of Companies in special situations
Emergency review
Interim assumption of key positions: CEO, CFO, COO... CRO
Committed to results in line with the clients’ interests
Agents of change
Operations Restructuring
Merger, integration and assumption of control after acquisition
Post-merger integration (PMI)
Comprehensive advice in bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy proceedings

Solutions to crisis situations…


Managers suitable for certain realities might not match in other stages of the business cycle, both upwards and downwards:

-Upwards: Manager lacking skills to handle extreme growth scenarios.

- Downwards: sales or profit continuous reductions, liquidity shortages, Turnarounds, etc., are situations that might be unknown for certain professionals.

Manager might lack skills to perform certain activities required by the Company as: business line / assets spin off, project launch, companies or businesses merger, etc.

MBOs, professionalization of the Management Team, Key Manager unexpected departure, vacancy coverage, specific lack of skills, etc.

Business transfer, shareholder disputes, sickness, unpredictable events, etc.
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